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a scary ride for a dozen people on board this six flags roller coaster after it stalled in the middle of the ride. how they were rescued coming up. >> we are live in santa cruz where tougher legislation on party buses is being considered in the wake of a deadly accident. >> for some it will be a warmer to hot day today. for others it will stay the same. >> there is a new controversy tied to americas longest war. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning july 30th i'm pam cook.
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>> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is there. you are thinking kind of warm in some spots. >> yeah. proximity to the coast. if you are by the coast it won't be that bad. 60s and 70s around the bay. but inland those will be the warmest temps with low to mid 90s. here is sal. steve, good morning. this is a look at 80 westbound. not a bad drive at all. although you can tell it's getting a lot more crowded as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. also at the toll plaza it's light so far getting more crowded. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. pop already new ride at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is closed until further notice. alex savidge tells us this ride was shut down after riders were stuck at the top of the roller coaster for more than 90 minutes. alex. >> yes later on today park mechanics will be taking a closer look at that ride trying to figure out exactly what went wrong yesterday.
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but we do know this crane that i'm standing underneath was used yesterday as part of the rescue operation. firefighters hopped up on the crane they were attached -- they were inside a bucket and they were able to reach the stranded riders while they were stuck 150 feet up in the air. up on the new super man ride. firefighters were called here around 3:00 yesterday afternoon after this roller coaster stalled out at the highest point in the ride. thankfully the dozen people on board were stuck right side up add the time. fire crews in a bucket were lifted up to the riders and gave everyone their water while they waited. after more than an hour and a half mechanics managed to restart the ride. they brought the coaster back down to the ground. everyone got off. none of the riders were hurt. the theme parks president say they don't know how fast that coaster was going when it stalled out. >> the ride itself goes from 0- approximately 62 miles an hour out of the station. so i can't tell you how fast it
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was going exactly when it hit the crest. >> reporter: the superman ride will stay closed for the time being for what the park is describing as a thorough inspection. it will not reopen until the problem has been identified and it's been fixed by park mechanics. that work will begin later on today. the same ride actually was offline last friday because of a computer programming issue. a park spokesman says that was unrelated to what happened yesterday. they do keep this crane on hand here at the park for situations just like the one yesterday. we are live this morning in vallejo alex savidge. a family is in mourning after a bizarre party bus accident. natasha noland fell out of the bus after a fight on friday night. tara moriarty joins us from santa cruz with more on the young womans life. >> reporter: the chp says the party bus company and the driver they have not faced any
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charges just yet. an no word on if criminal charges will be filed gwens woman involved in the fight aboard the bus. meanwhile friends have been stopping by this surf shop here in downtown santa cruz where the victim worked. friends described natasha as carefree and fun and was planning to attend san jose state in the fall. she died when she fell out of the bus infought run over after a brawl with another woman while it was traveling through los gatos friday night. the other woman that was under the legal drinking age was not seriously injured. there was about 15 passengers on board that were extremely drunk. >> they could have gone up and impaired the drivers ability to drive safely. that could have been a hazardous situation. to allow someone to be that intoxicated in a vehicle should be illegal. >> reporter: now investigators are trying to track down all of the witnesses to figure out how this door opened.
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the accident comes as a bill seeking to clamp down on party buses is making its way through the legislature. live from santa cruz i'm tara moriarty. time is 6:04. the man accused in the deadly colorado movie theater shooting rampage is due to find out this morning what charges he will face. james holmes is accused of shooting and killing 12 people and injuring 58 more during a midnight showing at the new batman movie. he is expected to face several charges including murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault. this is his second court appearance but this time cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom. one of the victims in the theater rampage was pregnant at the time. 25-year-old ashley mozer already lost her six-year-old daughter veronica during the mass shooting. that is her picture. doctors say ashley has suffered a miscarriage. she lost her unborn child because of extreme trauma.
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lawyers are saying the latest death will not have an impact on the charges against holmes. a kent state university student who tweeted he wanted to shoot up the campus he is scheduled to be arraigned today. william coberna is charged with inducing panic and aggravating menacing and facing hearings that could lead to him being suspended or dismissed from the university. the president of kent state university says all threats are taken very seriously. the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is due in court tomorrow. antolin torres will enter a plea. they say dna evidence links him to the case. the lamar family told us here at ktvu news they do not plan to attend tomorrow's hearing. they remain focused on finding the missing 15-year-old. family members held a fundraiser for the sierra lamar
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search effort yesterday at the lucky stripe bowling alley in san francisco. sierra's sister and father said the turnout raised their spirits. >> good to be surrounded by all these people that care about the cause. >> we need things to uplift us and these events have been able to do it for us. >> lucky stripe donated all of the fees to the search cause. people bowling also made their own donations. time now 6:07. in syria government forces and the rebels are both claiming victory in the battle for aleppo. i will show you video of nighttime fighting there. there are reports that rebel took control of the base early this morning. however government troops are still attacking aleppo. that is syria's largest city. about 200,000 people have fled that city in the past two days trying to get away from all the fighting. there were questions this morning about millions of
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dollars set aside for construction projects in afghanistan. coming up at 6:15 there is a new inspector generals report about whether u.s. funded construction jobs in afghanistan are really making afghanistan facer. 6:07 is the time right now. back over to sal. we are hearing there is a stalled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. i want to go and take a look at the toll plaza delay. it's only 6:07. if there is a stall on that span and it is reported, we will let you know how this will effect a backup. if they get it out of the way quickly, it could have little to no effect on that span. we'll see what happens there on that upper deck. it's just a report of now. and hopefully it's moving along soon. let's move along to the san mateo bridge in case you want to use that. you can tell it's a little foggy. it's not low enough to be effecting visibility for you as you drive toward the peninsula. if you are driving in the san jose area still looking good.
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the road maps or censorings are beginning to pick up slow traffic on northbound 101 after the 280 interchange. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have much warmer air moving in. it is a little lower compared to what we have seen in the last couple of mornings. it equals a warmer pattern for inland temps today. by the coast mainly 60s and 70s. the fog is not disappearing. it will burn off but it will be back tonight. warmer today. 60s and 70s there. and some locations i think north of san francisco marin, sonoma coast will see the sun earlier. only two degrees warmer by the coast. inland temps could jump up a few seven degrees. temperatures because the high pressure system moving back toward the west has been the pattern this entire summer. east bay seems to warm up the most and that is what we will go with again today. 50s santa rosa to 60 mown vain view. mid 50s for many. sea breeze has really been cut
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in half. tropical moisture keep an eye on that mainly for the sierra but it's close. today though warm up away from the coast. looks like a cool down tomorrow but not much. probably only noticeable coast and bay. inland temps 90 for some. around the bay 60s and 70s. you will find mid to upper 90s. 95 clear lake. sonoma 85. 82 kentfield. 70 richmond. fairfield 93. brentwood at 95. danville will be there. 72 oakland. 68 alameda. 82 san jose. 87 los gatos. wood side 81. 61 daly city and pacifica. mid 60s upper 60s in the city. slight cool down a lot of you won't notice it. thursday looks to be the warmest day of the week and a cooler pattern for the week ahead. this is for you. tickets for cal football go on sale this week.
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why some fans you could be in for a bit of sticker shock. >> you may be surprised if you are heading to san francisco's union square and it's not is a good surprise. >> a massive power outage in india leaves millions in the dark. how the train system that is being effected. cçrrú
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time now 6:13. northern india a major power outage has left entire cities
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in the dark and hundreds of thousands of trained computers have been stranded. we are talking 370 million people effected by this power outage. it may take up to 12 hours to restore electricity. hospitals and airports they are using backup generators. an electrical short circuit is believed to have caused a fire on a train in southern india where 47 people were killed. this deadly fire swept through a passenger train while most of the passengers were sound asleep. at least 28 others were taken to the hospital. emergency workers are still there at the scene. those are demonstrators that continue to protest japan's plans to restart the nuclear program. thousands of people formed a human chain around japan's parliament yesterday and marched to the headquarters of the tokyo electric power company. protestors are angry about the
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government's decision to restart two nuclear reactors. all 250 were taken offline last may after the meltdown at the fukushima plant. new this morning a government investigation revealed u.s. funded programs in afghanistan could be doing more harm than good. ktvu alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with questions about how your tax dollars are being spent overseas. >> reporter: pam, the united states has spent almost $90 billion on reconstruction and development projects in afghanistan over the last ten years. a special inspector general is in charge of monitoring where the money goes and this morning it's investigation is calling major projects into question. according to the washington post and the new york times the inspector general is suggesting some projects are hurting the u.s. image in afghanistan. and many of them won't be done by the time u.s. combat forces
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leave in 2014 and could be a huge waste of money. among those projects $220 million for diesel generators to provide electricity. but the project won't provide as much electricity as the generators. $23million for a controversial road project that has angered local residence and $300 million for electricity projects that have not yet been awarded to contractors. membersover congress on -- members of congress on both sides of the aisle say the u.s. cannot keep throwing money at these projects. how the u.s. embassy in kabul is responding. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:16. in san francisco part of money of the cities busiest areas will be shut down for the next five years. starting today a two block stretch of stockton street will be closed between ellis and
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geary streets. however, between thanksgiving and new years day that part of stockton street will reopen to traffic. the search continues this morning for a man who shot at a bay point house wounding an eight-year-old girl and a 22- year-old man. the contra costa county sheriffs department say the two victims were inside a home on franklin avenue on saturday when a car stopped out front and a man got out and fired one or two rounds. the victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. witnesses say the suspect drove away in a black honda sedan. cal football fans you may be in for a surprise when single tickets for bears go on this week. cal is following the lead of a lot of pro sports team. they are adopting a dynamic pricing system. tickets will be based on supply
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and demand. with fan paying more for the really big games. tickets for this seasons game against rival stanford and oregon they will have a baseline cost of at least $68. meantime the oakland raiders begin their first day of training camp today in napa. it's the first summer camp for the team since the death of owner al davis back in october. and the raiders are beginning the new season with their new head coach davis allen. he vows he will get the raiders back in the playoffs for the first time in ten years. raiders first preseason game is august 13th. they play the dallas cowboys at the oakland coliseum. right now 6:18. back to sal to check in on the morning commute. >> you know the morning commute looks pretty good. we had an earlier stall on the bridge. looks like that has been taken care of according to chp. let's take a look at what we have with highway 24. you can see highway 24 traffic does look good driving up to
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the caldecott between walnut creek and oakland. it's a decent drive. a little bit overcast. also the morning commute is moving along okay. we didn't have any major effect from that stalled vehicle. those metering lights should go on soon if they are not on already. you'll see a bigger backup at the toll plaza. looking at the livermore valley commute we have a little slow traffic. you can see traffic will be a little slow. the road sensors are turning yellow. just before livermore and after as well. give yourself a little extra time. 6:19 let's go to steve. >> thank you. some fog out there. the coverage is far less today. it will burn off less sooner. temperatures by the coast it will be a mix of fog and sun. 70s mainly but the sea breeze out of fairfield is really collapsing. it was 15 now 12. yesterday at this time it was 20. there is a big difference in that. low 50s for some. mid 50s to almost 60 for others. high pressure wins out today. probably most of this week.
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it does look like a little high pressure will come back in. today anywhere from 60s to 70s and 80s to 90s. warm to hot inland. fog, sun by the coand it will be warmer for many today but for most of the time this summer it's usually the east bay that takes the bulk of it. 60s and 70s closer to the waters edge. thursday looks to be the hottest day. it looks like a cooler pattern moves back in. the price of crude oil is climbing. the barrel of crude is selling for mar than $90. that is after leaders indicated they will keep the currency zone intact. the prices will go higher if they take more steps to stimulate the american economy. despite the increasing price of crude bay area gas prices are holding relatively steady.
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in san francisco the average price remains at $3.88. that is down about a nickel in the last month. our time now 6:20. every woman dreams of having that perfect wedding. in mississippi a fairy tale turns into outrage from an entire community. why a church told this bride and groom they could not tie the knot. >> plus a prayer vigil for the colorado victims here in san francisco.
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welcome back. time now 6:23. the impact of the colorado movie theater shootings continue to be felt here in the bay area. last night a prayer rally was held to remember the victims and their families. >> we remember john larimer. we remember jessica goth. >> this rally was one of 25 similar events nation-wide organized by the rainbow push coalition. along with remembering the victims they called on lawmakers to deal with the issues of gun control. they want the assault weapons ban to be renewed. however gun advocates argue the weapon use bid the shooter in colorado was semi automatic and would not be covered under that
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gun ban. coming up we will take you live to colorado. we'll have an update on the deadly movie theater shooting and the charges the suspect could face when he goes to court this morning. and why cameras will not be allowed inside. controversy and outrage that is the feeling in mississippi this morning after a church refused to marry an african american couple. first baptist church in crystal springs has never had an african american wedding in its 129 year history. wilson has been going to the church for more than a year. so when the couple decided to get married she wanted to tie the knot at her church. after a small group protested they told the couple to get married somewhere else. >> why didn't those people stand up in the beginning if it was such a minority of people why didn't the majority stand up and say in god's house we don't do this? >> i didn't want to have a controversy within the church and certainly didn't want a controversy to effect the
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wedding. >> their pastor married them at another church instead. some congregation members say they hope the couple and the church can move on. a unity rally is being held tonight in response to the churches decision. time is 6:25. san francisco transportation officials may soon install parking meters near the san francisco zoo. they are also considering adding parking meters to streets near san francisco state. the goal of the meters encourage people to take mass transit. right now the revenue from parking meters and fines comes to more than $50 million a year. time now 6:26. let's go back to sal to cheesy what is happening on the roads. >> we do have a look at some of the commutes. now the traffic is moving along relatively well. let's start off with a look at the livermore valley. have some heavy traffic here coming in through the livermore valley. gets better by the move through
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dublin. that traffic is looking good heading south past mission. now let's go back to steve. temperatures start to warm up a little bit. a lot of it probably out toward the east. we have some of that fog bank there but it's very shallow and a looks like it will burn off the sea breeze has been collapsing here. warmer inland temps. they are on the cool side for many right now. high pressure kind of noses back toward the west. that allows inland temps again. it's been this way all summer long. east bay will bathroom warm up the most. 90s for some. 80s for others. closer to the waters edge 60s and 70s. looks like much of a change. maybe a slight cool down tuesday. warm up wednesday and thursday. but all signs point toward another cool down as we head toward the upcoming weekend. about a dozen thrill seekers got stuck at the new roller coaster ride in vallejo. what is happening today at the park. >> the new 49ers stadium
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project takes a big step forward today. we'll tell you about the construction work that is set to begin any minute now. >> also the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. pam will bring you the early stock numbers.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is the opening bell live in new york. and numbers coming out of the recent earnings season only 42% of companies beat revenue estimates. and that is way down from 60% from the last four years. so that is not really a good sign. we are going to have the complete business news coming up in a moment though. >> we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a brand new day monday, july 30th i'm dave clark.
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>> and i'm pam cook. it is another big day for the 49ers stadium project. in a few hours the first steel beams are expected to arrive and ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is out there this morning with more on the project that will be taking shape. good morning, allie. >> reporter: there is already a lot of activity out here. construction workers have been out here for the last hour or so planning their day. shortly any minute from now we will start seeing crews insert some of the steel beams. they will be attaching the first of 14,000 pieces of steel to the giant cranes. they will be attaching them to the cranes. the cranes will hoist the steel beams up. they will become the frame work of the new 49ers stadium. tim is the project manager with the 49ers stadium here in santa clara. what will people see here in the next couple of hours? >> we will be setting beams and
6:32 am
columns on all four quadrants. by the end of the day we should see a good picture what the stadium will look like. >> reporter: what is involved in this work? you have four giant cranes that can carry a lot of weight. >> correct. there is a lot of coordination between the crane company and the joint venture. >> reporter: how long is this work going to take? >> we expect to be completed in 180 days. >> reporter: tim salak project manager. as you heard by the end of the next 180 days we should see what looks like the frame work of this new stadium being upright. this is $1.1 million project that is set to be complete in time for the 2014 season. live in santa clara allie rasmus. >> thank you. time now 6:32. it is closed until further notice.
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and this morning mechanics at six flags discovery kingdom will try to determine what went wrong with a popular new ride. ktvu alex savidge tells us about a dozen roller coaster riders got stuck. what happened, alex? >> reporter: that is still the question that is up in the air this morning. park spokeswoman i spoke to a short time ago say they ruled out a mechanical issue being the problem. but still mechanics here at six flags will be moving in and doing a closer inspection. i can tell you they used this huge crane we are standing underneath. they attached a bucket to this crane and they hoisted themselves up to the top point on this roller coaster. that is the highest point of the ride where it call stalled out yesterday afternoon. firefighters were called here to six flags around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. a dozen people were stuck right side up thankfully 100 feet up on the new superman flight roll
6:34 am
arer coast -- roller coaster. after more than an hour and a half mechanics managed to restart the ride and brought the coaster back down to the ground. >> our mechanical team was on sight. engaging with the guests and partnership with the valy hoe fire department we were able to ease them back in the station quickly and safely. >> reporter: and in the end none of the riders were hurt. a park spokeswoman told us the dozen riders that were stuck on the roller coaster will in likelihood be compensated in what they went through. the superman ride will remain closed for the time being. investigators will go in later on this morning and try to pinpoint a cause for what took place yesterday and they will not reopen the superman ride until the problem has been fixed. we are live this morning in vallejo alex savidge. apple and samsung square off in court today in a lawsuit that has been closely watched
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by silicon valley. cara liu is here to explain why the lawsuit could reshape the tablet and smart phone industry. good morning, cara. >> reporter: it is no secret that mobile phone and tablet market are fiercely competitive. i reached out to both companies earlier this morning and just got this statement back from samsung within the last hour. first a quick background. we know from federal court documents that apple is alleging samsung galaxy and computer tablets opinion experts say did samsung copy apple or create a competitive good alternative to the iphone and ipad? this will give us a rare working into the two tech giants. billions are at stake and this decision could have a major impact on the business landscape and ultimately the
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marketplace. we could possibly see opening statements today as well. the statement we got from samsung this morning says in part patent law was never intended to give a company a monopoly over an entire market. samsung wants to compete with apple not to stifle competition to offer more choices to consumers not to limit their ability to buy the product they want at a price they can't afford. we are still waiting on a response from apple coming up as soon as we get that we'll let you know what apple has to say. for now we are live in los gatos cara liu. time now 6:36. all eyes will be on colorado again this morning. that is where the man accused of that deadly movie theater shooting in aurora, colorado is due to face a judge today. our reporter renee marsh is live this morning with the latest developments from there. >> reporter: good morning, dave.
6:37 am
the countdown now i would say in two hours things will get under way and the suspected shooter when he walks into that courtroom he is going to be faced with a laundry list of charges. just based on the court documents here's what we can expect to hear today. prosecutors they are anticipating filing 12 counts of first degree murder and numerous counts of attempted first degree murder. and then there will be other charges filed against him. those other charges we can assume stem from the explosionives found inside of the suspects apartment when they did the search there. one other thing is we know that as far as the death penalty goes that has been a big question. will the prosecution go for the death penalty? will they not? the simple answer is we don't know yet. it will be a long process for them to decide whether they will go for the death penalty. they will be listening to victims, family of the victims and weighing it based on their
6:38 am
input. but it is a possibility since first degree murder does come with the death penalty here in colorado. one last thing, dave that i know they will be talking about is that package that the suspected shooter sent to his psychiatrist. we know he's seeing a psychiatrist. the prosecution they want to use that as evidence. whatever was in that package. holmes attorneys they are saying no. that is information between a patient and the doctor and that should be kept out of this case. the judge will hear both sides of that argument and make a decision at some point. dave. >> very interesting. renee marsh from colorado, thank you. republican presidential candidate mitt romney wraps up his trip to israel with a promise to continue a close relationship. >> a free and strong america will always stand with a free and strong israel. >> what else romney said that
6:39 am
has angered palestinian leaders. that is coming up. time now 6:38. sal is back. are you watching the toll plaza? >> no. >> you know what -- >> i hope nobody is. >> i'm a kidder. you know i watch that thing more than you might think. i watch it at all times because it's very important. any little thing goes wrong at that toll plaza it could have a disasterrous effect on the morning commute. so yes i am. all kidding aside. we are watching highway 4. a lot of people that start off here believe it or not end up at the toll plaza. this morning has been a good or you know it has been a good commute. it's been a little slow in antioch. we are watching the toll plaza. it is backed up. we had that earlier stall i talked about. that did mess things up a little bit. it's very slow here at the toll plaza. what happens is they have to slow the metering lights down whenever there is anything on the bridge to allow them to get the cars off. and once they do that it has a
6:40 am
chain reaction effect on the commute for at least an hour or so. and moving -- in fact let me just make sure i have my twitter site up. let me make sure the maps are up here. traffic in the east bay is going to be a little slow on 880 southbound here. i can see a little slow down approaching highway 2. no problems on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge. >> twitter is always up there. always. we have low clouds around. it's more emphasis on low clouds getting squashed a little bit. high pressure building in. that puts a cap on. it's more in the way of fog. somewhere around 1,000 feet. over the weekend was around 2,000 feet. temperatures will start to warm up. satellite picture shows fog and cap on it i'm going to step out of the way. we will go to the weather computer there for those in the control room i appreciate it. thank you. it's on its way. there they are.
6:41 am
[ laughter ] warm air aloft means the fog will burn off a little sooner today. mainly the impact will be for those away from the coast a hollower or little less on the fog bank. fog, sun along the coast. santa cruz warmer inland temps. they'll have the biggest jump. tropical clouds down to the south we'll keep an eye on those for later in the week. only west, southwest at 12 at fairfield. it has been coming down, down down. 50s to right at 50 to 60. mountain view at 50. santa rosa at 60 degrees. i think they will check in at 49. high pressure wins out for a couple days. 60s to 90s. but warm to hot away from the coast. hottest temps will be to the east. 95 clear lake. 80s for many or upper 80s to near 90 degrees.
6:42 am
warmest temps pittsburg, antioch. 90 morgan hill and gilroy. 60s on the coast. 60s in the city. 70s to near 80 degrees on the peninsula. not much change tuesday and wednesday. thursday looks to be the hottest day of the week unless there is a head fake in the computer models. it will be cooler by the weekend. a wild free freeway chase ended with a crash and gunfire. we'll tell you why officers were after a teenage driver. >> we are live in santa cruz where a young woman dies in a tragic party bus accident. why one lawmaker says his bill would have prevented the tragedy. >> westbound 237 getting a little slower now.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. a popular new ride at six flags discovery kingdom remains closed today. mechanics will try to determine what went wrong with the super man ultimate flight roller coaster yesterday afternoon. about a dozen riders were stuck there right near the top of the roller coaster for more than 90 minutes. this morning the first steel
6:46 am
beams for the new 49ers stadium will arrive. those beams will create the frame work for the billion dollar stadium project which by the way is due to be ready for the 2014 season. and a u.s. inspector generals report being released today describes millions of wasted dollars on misguided u.s. efforts in afghanistan and iraq. this report says ongoing problem is a lock of coordination with local leaders and figuring out how to best carry out u.s. projects that are funded. these who knew the woman that died after falling out of a party bus hope investigators can clear up what happened during that alcohol fueled night out. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is in santa cruz covering the investigation into natasha noland's death. >> reporter: people are shocked. the victim that worked here was carefree and fun and they just cannot believe she is gone.
6:47 am
25-year-old natasha noland died when she fell out of a party bus and was run over. officers say noland was fighting with a 20-year-old woman when the back bus door somehow opened and the two fell out. >> there are two mechanisms for the door to open. either manually or an emergency lever that is near the door. >> reporter: they were under -- the woman under the legal drinking age was not seriously injured. >> so easily prevented. it's just horrible this happened to such a beautiful, nice girl. she comes from a caring family. a huge loving family. >> reporter: the accident comes as a bill seeking to clamp down on party buses works its way through the legislature. it would prevent under age drinking aboard the buses. so far no charges have been filed against the bus company or driver. no word yet on whether the young woman involved in the
6:48 am
fight will face criminal charges. live from downtown santa cruz i'm tara moriarty. charges are pending against a teenage driver in orange county that led police on a chase that ended in a crash and gunfire. take a look ate started yesterday afternoon when the driver left the scene on the crash on the freeway. the truck crashed into a patrol car and one shot was fired. no officers were injured and the teenage driver was taken to the hospital. time now 6:48. today republican presidential candidate mitt romney heads into the final leg of his overseas tour. he will be visiting poland. romney spent this weekend in israel meeting with israeli leaders and also visited the ben wall in jerusalem. romney inserted a written prayer into one of the cracks of the wall. and in a speech romney pledged support for israel's right to keep iran from developing a nuclear bomb. and met with the palestinian
6:49 am
prime minister. he angered some by declaring jerusalem is the capitol of israel. joe biden told a conference of teachers that mitt romney doesn't treat public education as a priority and does not appreciate teachers. >> he characterizes you and his allies. he characterizes you of only caring about yourselves. but the fact of the matter is, i don't think they know you. i don't think he knows you. >> the vice president was speaking at the american federation of teachers national convention in detroit yesterday. he was introduced by his wife that happens to be a community college professor. today san francisco mayor ed lee will announce historic election of the first asian pacific american woman as the chair of the san francisco democratic party. she is mary jung. she was anonymously elected. time is 6:49. back over to sal to check in on
6:50 am
the monday morning commute. sal. >> we are looking at the commute that -- if i can speak here. the traffic is getting busier in some of the commutes. highway 4 we looked at it last time. all of a sudden i wanted to show it to you again. it was slower than it was. dramatically slower here. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the 580 interchange. once you get to the bay bridge it's slowing down. we had an earlier stall that is getting better. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway not all that bad heading south. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we do have some fog. it's thin but it will burn off sooner today. temperatures are right now in the 50s. tropical clouds down to the south. they will stay there for now. we have to keep an eye on things. to the north you can see spins in the atmosphere. tomorrow is kind of a leveling off we will jump it up again as we head toward wednesday and
6:51 am
thursday. 90s to the interior. 60s and 70s close to the coast and 80s. so warm to hot inland. some fog. it will burn off sooner and head back to the coast. it looks like temperatures there stay in the 60s. there is still a lots of fog. it's much shallower than we had over the weekend. 60s and 70s and 80s. berkeley 70. san leandro 74. 90 gilroy. cupertino add 83. low 80s wood side. subpoena senator mccain 70. 66 in the city. not much change here really. thursday looks to be the warmest. apple has considered investing in twitter. that is according to several reports. the new york times reports apple talked with twitter executives about putting hundreds of malls of dollars -- millions of dollars into the site. but the paper says the two companyings are -- companies are no longer in talks.
6:52 am
international olympic committee and twitter have been working to promote the blog service as a way to engage with the athletes. but now the ioc says mobile users have become so popular it's -- official timing data on some of the cycling road races was delayed when the olympic broadcasting service was overwhelmed by tweets. it's amazing some of the athletes are tweeting out some of what their experience is. time now 6:52. there is another security blunder at the london olympics after a set of keys disappeared. which venn you is effected and why -- which venn you is effected. >> another day another protest. what protestors were doing that forced officers in riot gear to stop them. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
6:53 am
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news taking you live to the new york stock exchange. dow jones up a tiny little bit be we'll see what happens with some comments from the federal reserve though that could change things. nine people have been arrested in anaheim after another day of protest and anger aimed at the police there. yesterday's protest took a dramatic turn when the crowd started marching to disney
6:56 am
land. they were stopped by riot police. in a little more than a week police have shot three suspects in three separate incidents. two of them died. protestors have been out there on the streets in the past nine days. city of oakland has a pension problem that is costing hundreds of millions of dollars more than it should. more than 1,000 retirees and widows get paid up to two- thirds of what current employees are paid. the city has had a tough time paying their pensions. forcing a lot of them to deal with the burden and that burden gets passed on to taxpayers. now the city wants investors to buy $210 million in bonds to help pay for the pensions. today is the third full day of the london olympics. the mens gymnastics team final is today. the u.s. team is in the lead. they have a chance to win the first gold medal since 1984. china leads the medal count with 12. one of the medals belong to
6:57 am
former cal swimmer dana vollmer. lotche and phelps and the rest of the relay team won the silver. phelps needs two more medals to become the most decorated olympian in history. london police say a set of keys to an olympic venue disappeared last week. officers securing wimbley stadium reported a set of keys used on searches were missing. now london police say they have not been found but security is not compromised. all the locks atwomenly stadium were changed. we have complete coverage of the london olympics on our website you can get the latest headlines, results, and current medal count under the current olympics tab. let's quickly check in with sal. what do you see? >> there is a big backup at the toll plaza. this morning we mad an earlier
6:58 am
stalled vehicle. it's not king that well approaching the bay brick. you you will be waiting for 20 minutes before you make et on to that span. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the nimitz freeway. let's go to steve. thank you. some fog out there. it will burn off sooner today. temps will warm up. the biggest jump will be toward the east bay. 60s and 70s by the coast and bay. coming up next on mornings on 2 the latest milestone for the 49ers stadium project. we will show you what is happening in santa clara right now. >> also thrill seeker stuck on top of the new roller coaster ride. the big question that still has to be answered. man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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